In order to relax from self-esteem .. Durrat resolves the controversy regarding Hani Saad’s previous marriage


During the past hours, a great controversy arose after the actress “Dora” married the engineer “Hani Saad,” and they were subjected to many criticisms and some talk about her marriage to him even though he was married and had children, and she was criticized for being against polygamy, and it is strange that she now agreed to be a wife a second .

In an audio recording of the artist, Dora, on the Tunisian Radio Moza Beek, she denied being a second wife and said: “I thank everyone who blessed me and made me happy. I would have liked all my friends from Tunisia to be present, but unfortunately the health conditions are difficult. I wanted to confirm that I am related to a divorced man who chose to return his life with me, and I say to those who spread rumors and fish in troubled waters, my Lord guides them … Every person is free in his choices and his private life lives it and knows it … I chose a man who loves me and we love him and marriage is the natural legitimate path that my Lord has directed us to because we love each other … I wish people stopped talking for a little while and thank everyone who made me happy.

She continued: “And we would like to add another thing. This is the first time and the last time I will talk about the topic .. I ask with respect, kindness, appreciation and respect from people and journalists what they ask about this topic .. I, as an artist and a public figure, like to talk about my artistic work, but my private life belongs to me just me”.

Yesterday, the artist announced her marriage contract and celebrated a simple ceremony in the presence of a number of art and media stars, with her wedding to the engineer “Hani Saad”.

It is noteworthy that Eng. Hani Saad is one of the most brilliant names locally and internationally, as he was born in Cairo in 1980, specializing in the field of architecture and has proven his high competence in the implementation of important projects.


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