In the video, Ahmed Helmy threatens Mohamed Farraj for what he did to Mona Zaki


The artist, “Mohamed Farraj,” disclosed the threats that Ahmed Helmy received as a result of the torture he had committed against the actress, “Mona Zaki,” in the movie “The Black Box,” and jokingly added: The threats are not from Professor “Ahmed Helmy”. It was of all people ”.

In the same context, the movie “The Black Box”, starring the actress “Mona Zaki” and the artist “Mohamed Farag”, achieved revenues of 327 thousand pounds in the first days of its release.

The film “Black Box” is starring the actress Mona Zaki, and co-starring Mohamed Farraj and the artist “Mustafa Khater”. The film is produced by Synergy Films, Global Egypt, New Century, and is marketing by MAD Solutions.

The actress “Mona Zaki” embodies the role of Yasmine, who was surprised by the storming of strangers to her home on a fateful mission, in order to steal something important .. Yasmine tries to escape from them, but to no avail, so to what extent will she be able to withstand? This is how the thriller goes to the black box.

The film is directed by Mahmoud Kamel and from the script and dialogue of Haitham Al-Dahan and Ahmed Al-Dahan, and starring the artist, “Mona Zaki,” the artist, “Muhammad Farraj,” and the artist, “Mustafa Khater,” and the artists: Asma Jalal and Sherif Salama.


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