In Zimbabwe … a herd of hyenas pulls a man out of his house and eats half of him


The authorities said that the elderly man, Tendai Masika, 87, was found 1,000 feet from his mud and wood hut, noting that the accident occurred last Monday night.

According to the authorities, when the villagers discovered Masikas body, the lower half of it was missing, according to what CNN reported.

A spokesperson for the Parks and Wildlife Service said ZimbabweTinashe Farao, park rangers are currently searching for the hyenas that have attacked Masika in an attempt to “eliminate them”.

Farao confirmed an attack Hyenas The killer tweet on Twitter, where he wrote: “An 87-year-old elderly man was living alone was killed by a group of hyenas in Chromanzo.”

He added that the elderly man “was sleeping in his hut when the unfortunate accident happened. He was dragged out of his hut for about 300 meters, where his lower body was missing. The signs of dragging and dragging hyenas on him were visible.”

It is believed that the same herd of hyenas, and is believed to be composed of 6 hyenas, was responsible for the recent series of attacks on Cattle And goats in the area.

Faraw said local residents have been urged to be vigilant, avoid moving at night, and close all doors and windows until the killer animals are caught, until the predatory animals are tracked down and eliminated.

Farao explained that attacks by hyenas are not common during the summer, noting that such attacks usually occur at this time of the year because it is the driest months of the year, as food and water become scarce, so the animals move in groups for long distances in search of food.

Farao confirmed that this attack is the 60th accident in which a human being killed at the hands of wild animals during this year alone, considering that the reason is related to the human struggle over Wildlife And the destruction of animal habitats due to climate change, indicating that half of the accidents involve elephants, while at least three of them involve lions.

He said that hyenas are also known to launch attacks against humans, recalling an incident that occurred last year in which two young brothers were killed while picking fruit.

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