Investigations: The accused of strangling her husband in Oseem used to tie him during the day


6:13 pm

Thursday 26 November 2020

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

New details and circumstances revealed by investigations and investigations into the killing of an employee by strangulation at the hands of his wife in Oseem Center, north of Giza Governorate.

The investigations and confessions of the accused “Asma” revealed that she took advantage of the victim’s habit of having sex with her, tied with ropes “hands and feet”, so she planned to commit her crime smoothly.

On the day of the crime, the defendant invited her husband to an intimate relationship, so he asked her to tie him with ropes as usual.

Upon confirmation of his death, the wife removed the handcuffs of a victim and disposed of the ropes, but she left the crime tool “scarf” in the scene of the incident to leave the house with her “5-year-old” child, heading to her family’s home in the Al-Saf center, south of the governorate, until she was arrested.

The accused justified her act due to her husband’s multiple female relationships and his constant betrayal of her, but her discussion in front of the detectives bore a lightning bolt.

The victim, who is about 8 years younger, was aware of his wife’s infidelity to him as well, and that she had had a relationship with others and had sexual relations with some of them.

The beginning goes back to Major General Hisham El-Tamawy, Director of the Northern Sector, receiving a signal from the emergency police that the body of a person had been found inside his home in the Oseem district.

A force moved to the report’s shop, and the body of “Hussam Judeh,” 30, an employee, was found in his bedroom, wearing his clothes, with signs of suffocation on the neck.

Brigadier General Amr Talaat, head of the northern sector, formed a research team led by Colonel Ahmed Al-Waili, inspector of the sector. To determine the circumstances of the incident.

The search and investigation efforts, led by Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Magdy, Chief of Oseem Investigations, concluded that the wife was called “Asmaa Sh.” 38 years old, she is the suspect for the frequent marital disputes between them, and their disappearance in mysterious circumstances.

After the procedures were legalized, Major Walid Kamal and Ahmed Adel, assistants of the Oseem Investigation Department, managed to arrest the wife and take her to the department.

The wife tried to delay and elude the police, claiming that she was not in the apartment when the crime was committed, before she made detailed confessions of her crime after confronting her with evidence and investigations.

In front of Major General Assem Abu al-Khair, director of the Criminal Investigation Department in Giza, the accused admitted that her husband had strangled her with a scarf, and that she took advantage of the victim’s request to tie him with ropes before practicing intimacy – as the two of them used to – so she finished him and then left the house with her “5-year-old” child.

The accused justified her crime, “I took revenge on him because he was a betrayal,” and she was referred to the Public Prosecution, which began the investigation.

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