Iranian Daei reveals the first thing he will do when breaking his record


Iranian Daei reveals the first thing he will do when breaking his record


Iranian Ali Daei said that he has the honor of breaking Cristiano Ronaldo, his record for the number of international goals, after the Portuguese striker approached his score of 109 goals, stressing that he would congratulate him immediately.

Ronaldo is the only other player to have crossed the 100 international goal, having scored 102 goals in 168 international matches since his first appearance with Portugal in 2003.

“I will congratulate him immediately. Ronaldo has scored 102 goals for Portugal so far and he will definitely break my number, but he still has to score seven goals,” Tasnim news agency quoted former Iran national team striker Ali Daei as saying.

“It is an honor for me to have a player smash my record in his place. Ronaldo is one of the greatest players not only of this era, but of all. He is a real phenomenon,” added the 51-year-old.

Ronaldo will have the opportunity to bridge the gap between him and Daei, when Portugal meets Croatia in their final group match of the European Nations League competition, today, Tuesday.

It is noteworthy that Daei, who carried the captaincy of the Iranian national team and retired in 2006, scored his 109 international goals in 148 matches for his country.

Source: Agencies


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