Is there gold on Mars?


Is there gold on Mars?

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Taiwan’s hypothetical archaeologist, Skoth Waring, changed his specialty when he became a hypothetical geologist and announced that he had discovered gold on Mars.

He said there were real Cloudaiks and golden mountains that he had discovered based on the Google Mars server, which is based on photographs taken by an American probe in orbit of the Red Planet.

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And Waring considers that gold is the glistening yellow substance in the sun surrounding the “Lomonosov” crater caused by the fall of an asteroid. And if that shiny material is really gold, it is difficult to imagine its quantity in reality, given that golden mountains sometimes extend to a distance of 12 km and a width of 3.5 km.

So where did the gold come to the surface of Mars? Did it come from its interior as a result of the fall of a giant asteroid, causing the formation of a crater 120 km in diameter?

And maybe there is an asteroid that brought gold to the surface of Mars?

Scientists believe that both possibilities are possible.

In any case, the idea of ​​reclaiming Mars is gaining real significance. The expenses for space trips to the Red Planet will be easily compensated.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda


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