It bears the name of a sacred volcano .. A new endangered monkey species has been discovered in Myanmar


Scientists have discovered a new type of monkey in the jungles of Myanmar, which is at risk of extinction. The “Boba Langor” is a type of long-tailed monkey, and is characterized by the presence of rings around its eyes and some fur on the top of its head.

Only an estimated 200 to 260 of these monkeys remain, according to a press release issued by the Natural History Museum in London, and the research team has named this new species of monkeys “Popa langurs” According to the extinct volcano “Jebel Popa”, which is considered a sacred place, and it was classified as an “endangered” species.


“Unfortunately, this is a joyful and unfortunate discovery at the same time due to the limited number of this species of primates,” said the chief curator of the Natural History Museum, Roberto Portella Megiz, in the statement. “We hope that by giving this species the place it deserves, there will be more.” Of the concerted efforts in protecting this area and the few remaining groups of this type, “according to Shabaka.”CNNNewsletter.

The scientists, who belong to three organizations, published their findings Wednesday in a journal “Zoological Research”In the study, researchers conducted field surveys of langur monkeys, their scientific name “Trachypithecus popa”They also collected samples and DNA of all kinds “Trachypithecus” The other, similar type “Popa langurs”.

The press release said that the researchers combined data from these surveys and samples, in addition to data from samples in other museums, confirming the presence of new species, and one of the important parts of the puzzle was a 100-year-old sample that was stored in the Natural History Museum in London..


In the early 20th century, British zoologist Jay Shortridge collected thousands of specimens, including one “Trachypithecus” In 1913, which was re-examined by the team of researchers, and Megges explained, monkeys are one of the most famous groups of mammals, and these specimens have been in the groups for more than 100 years, adding, “We did not have the tools or experience to do this work before.”

There was other evidence that “Popa langur” It was a completely new species, such as differences in tail length, fur color, and skull shape, and Megs noted that this study demonstrates that natural history collections are a valuable and main resource for genetic research and in the context of the current biodiversity crisis, and it is clearly more relevant and important today than Ever.

He would probably be kind “Popa langur” Spread across central Myanmar, according to the study, which analyzed historical records such as museum specimens and travel notes, only a few groups of them have survived, and now, the rest of this species live in four isolated groups..

There is the largest number of type “Popa langur” At “Mount Popa”, which is home to more than 100 langur species, “Mount Popa”, a site sacred to Buddhists, is also home to an important wildlife reserve, but threats still exist for the animals “Popa langur” Endangered.

Migues said that although Mount Popa is a national reserve, which means that the species that emerge there are protected by law, hunting and deforestation for the woodworking industry remain a threat, and the study said other threats include agricultural encroachment, environmental degradation, and other disturbances. The study urged international agencies such as the International Union for Conservation of Nature and the International Trade Agreement for Endangered Species to add “Popa langur” To the lists of endangered species.

The study added that improved management of protected areas, especially improved enforcement of laws, is necessary to achieve stability between the two largest known groups of primates. “Bago Yoma” It is severely degraded, but still provides the largest contiguous habitat if the deforestation and forest degradation crisis is addressed through improved forest protection..


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