It caused panic among the residents … the collapse of a part of a residential property in Damanhur


Experienced The city of Damanhur Al-Buhaira governorate, a while ago, was in a state of panic Parts of a property fall Al Blassi sailors on July 23 Street.

Immediately, the security forces, the local unit and the Civil Protection Department moved to the scene of the accident to inspect the incident, and imposed a security cordon around the property, in order to preserve the safety and lives of citizens, as it was found that the property is a ground floor and first and second floors, and the property is empty of residents and has longitudinal cracks And accidental, and issued him a decision to remove a number 150 For the year 2019 and 151 For the year 2019, and reports of non-implementation were issued to him in numbers 39 and 40 dated November 4, 2019And a security cordon was imposed in front of the house, and the work was carried out under the supervision of the director of crisis and disaster management in the governorate, in order to preserve the safety of citizens.

It is noteworthy that the city of Damanhur in Al-Buhaira Governorate witnessed, last August, a partial collapse of a two-storey residential property on Abdul-Azim Bedaiwi Street, without any human casualties.

Major General Muhammad Wali, Director of Buhaira Security, received a notification from Damanhour Police Station stating that part of a two-storey residential property on Abdel-Azim Bedaiwi Street had fallen, without causing any casualties. Security forces immediately moved to the scene of the accident to inspect the incident, and the entire building is being examined.

And as it is mentioned that the “Sada al-Balad” camera detected the ramshackle properties last August in Damanhur city in Buhaira governorate, and the extent of citizens’ complaints about them before a disaster strikes, after which we cannot save lives who wished to live but were lost due to neglect.

Among the most prominent decisions that have not yet been implemented in the city of Damanhur and are considered a waste of public money: – Decision 818 of 2018, the accommodation buildings, the Traffic Department pledged, Resolution 991, 449 of 2018, units in the residences of al-Adadiyya, Resolution 704, 772 of 2019, shops in the wholesale market for vegetables and fruits, In addition to a number of houses for which decisions have been issued for more than 13 years and are considered dangerous and threatening the lives of passers-by: – ​​“Resolution 150 of 2020, the house of“ Muhammad Zaghloula, ”Teachers Club Street, Resolution 161 of 2020,“ Fathia Bashir ”house behind Nasr Square, decision 197 of 2020 House of “Muhammad Abu Al-Wafa”, Al-Mawazine St., Resolution 191 of 2020 House of “Ezz El-Din Morsi” Ismail Al-Habrouk St., Resolution 270 of 2020 House of “Ibrahim Amin” Al-Harfeh St. Al-Jish St., Decree 326 of 2020 House of “Mahmoud Zaki” St. The old prison. “

Although all the previous decisions were issued in 2018, 2019, 2020, but additional new decisions are considered to speed up implementation and have old decisions issued more than once in separate years between “2007 and 2016”.

EM, a resident of Damanhur city who was affected by the failure to implement the decisions to remove these residential properties that are ramshackle, explained the daily dangers that he faces and his family, pointing out that he has been sending urgencies and petitions on a weekly basis since “a whole year” from the city council and the evacuation committee To the police station to set implementation dates, and it is still useless.

He stressed that he is not the only victim who is threatened with death at any moment due to delaying the implementation of the decisions to remove the old real estate that is due to fall, adding that although many residents of the region and neighboring areas have submitted applications and approved them, but so far the executive authorities have not intervened to save the people of these properties from a potential disaster. Beheira governorate wakes up as it happened before.

The citizens appealed to the governor of Al-Buhaira, and the concerned gentlemen, to quickly intervene and implement the removal decision for fear of a disaster threatening the lives of hundreds of residents of these properties.

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