Jamila Awad and her mother, the actress Randa, in a special episode with Mona El-Shazly … tonight


Media Mona El-Shazly hosts, on Thursday’s episode of “With You” on the cbc channel, the artist Jamila Awad, and her mother, Randa Awad.

Recently, the young artist, Jamila Awad, underwent a photo session for a magazine She The world in its Arabic version, and the filming session depended on the character of Nour, a patient with vitiligo, performed by Jamila Awad in his story, I must live in the series Except Me, which is shown on the channel DMC And platform Watch ItThe story received strong reactions on social media and topped user requests on the Google search engine, as it deals with a rare topic in the history of the Egyptian drama and did vitiligo makeup for the session, Tarek Mostafa Kamel and his team.

The series “Una Ana” is the story of the writer Yusra Al-Fakharani, and “Banat Musa” starring Wafa Amer and “Seneen Waad” starring Arwa Joudeh, “Amal Hayati” starring Hanan Mutawa, and “A Personal Order” starring Sherry Adel, and “Dha Al-Qamar.” “Kinda Alloush” starring, “Quarter Karat” starring Reham Abdel Ghafour, and “I need to live” starring Jamila Awad.


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