Japanese automobile company patent for a self-driving vehicle that recharges your vehicle


One of the Japanese car manufacturers has obtained a patent for an autonomous vehicle that can go to the site of your car and fill a petrol tank, hydrogen fuel cell, or battery without the need to stop, and this process is carried out in a manner similar to the work of military tankers that provide fuel for combat aircraft while flying high.

According to the patent filings as published by the UAE “Future Observatory” website, the vehicle includes a storage space, a central control unit, and a fuel delivery mechanism, and it was not clear whether this process was intended to complete and provide the front car with fuel while in motion or while standing only.


In theory, a motorized vehicle could stop several times to refuel the cars along a single road before returning to recharge itself. The proximity sensors, GPS, and automatic fuel outlets would all contribute to the vehicle accomplishing its mission while the driver seated In the back, he relaxes in his car.

It is unlikely that such a technology will enter production soon, and a variety of competing charging technologies are bound to fail this system once it is launched, and in fact, we have not yet reached the fifth level of autonomy, and we still need drivers to follow. Roads, which means that AI systems are not sufficient until today to enable such a unit to drive itself to the desired places..


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