Joe Biden, in his first comment after his victory: I will be president of all Americans … You have honored me by choosing this great country.


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“I will be the president of all Americans and we have a lot of work,” Democratic candidate Joe Biden said on Twitter, after the US media announced his victory in the US elections.

Biden continued, “Oh Americans, you have honored me by choosing me as the president of this great country.”

Today, Saturday, the major American media announced that Democratic candidate Joe Biden had won the US presidential election.

And the media reported that Biden supporters cheered celebratory in front of the White House after announcing his victory.

The Edison Research Center and several major television networks said Democratic candidate Joe Biden won the US presidential election.

According to the Edison Research Center, Biden, 77, became the oldest elected US president after Trump failed to expand his popular base behind white rural voters and working-class people.

The Associated Press reported that Biden gets 284 votes, compared to 214 for US President Donald Trump.

Reuters reported that the campaign of Democratic candidate Joe Biden plans to deliver a speech at prime time, today, Saturday, as he continues to widen the gap with his Republican rival, President Donald Trump.

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