Karim Abdel Aziz on the divorce of his parents: I forgave the two, and this is a parentage


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Roy the artist Karim Abdulaziz Footage from his childhood during the biography program with the media Wafaa Al KilaniHe explained that he was always causing problems.

Karim Abdel Aziz: I was my thief

Karim Abdel Aziz said sarcastically, “I was young, my thief was a clever one. When my mother asked for necessities from the supermarket or fruit, I would answer her and fill her with the needs, and my life did not return the rest to her again.” Pointing out that his father had beaten him because of his car being stolen at the age of 15.

On the separation of his father and his mother when he was a 4-year-old child, he explained that he did not understand the idea of ​​their separation until after many years, saying: I knew that it is normal for a parent to separate from the mother after 20 years when I grew up, but I was annoyed at that time because I love honor and family. He continued: “Although my father and mother separated in a respectful manner, but my father was a follower of schools, education and every need, and when I grew up I knew that it is possible for a man to not live with his wife and separate or vice versa, but the separation must be respectful and intimate.”

Karim Abdel Aziz: Did he suffer from the separation of his parents?

. Karim Abdulaziz: “I used to blame my father when I was young for the separation and in the middle of the road I blamed my mother, and after this reconciled to some of them in the other, and of course I was like any harassed child. My father separated from my mother, but my mother was 100 men, rigid and strong and did not marry, so of course I suffered. And my sister. ”

Karim added, “I did not understand the idea of ​​their separation until after 21 years, and I did not have a complication because of this separation because my father was always with me in all the details of my life and in its various stages.”

He pointed out that his father’s wife was his second mother, and although he did not love her at the beginning, but because she stood with him when he disagreed with his father and violated him, she was defending him, stressing: “Her age was neither a father’s wife nor my father was a mother’s husband to her daughter, and I called her by saying, O Farfoura and Badla My father said, “O Zizou, and I am my mother.

Concerning the details of his childhood, Karim Abdel Aziz described himself, saying: “I was a miser when I was young and made many problems and did not like routine, and I was even confused about entering an institute cinema I am not a pilot, and I didn’t understand what the relationship between the two professions is, but when I grew up I knew that the two are not a routine, and that is the reason I love them.


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