Khaled Al-Ghandour: Al-Ahly won by luck … and enough to slaughter Zamalek by the Zambian government


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Media Khaled El-Ghandour, the star of Zamalek and the former Egyptian national team, said that Al-Ahly won a stroke of luck during the African Champions League final, indicating that Zamalek was the best by far and deserving of the title.

Al-Ghandour added on Zamalek TV: “Al-Ahly won luck, but the ball only recognizes the results.”

Al-Ghandour opened fire on the Confederation of African Football (CAF) because he had appointed Zambian Sikazwe to referee Al-Gar instead of Radwan Jaid due to the latter’s infection with Corona, despite the fact that the Moroccan’s case was negative.

He explained: “Ghorbal overlooked a clear penalty kick in favor of Ashraf bin Sharqi and considered it a mistake for Al-Ahly, while the Zambian Sikazwe confirmed his decision, and he is not new to him, as he is the owner of the scandal of the Pyramids match and the renaissance of Borkan when he was appointed to Alvar as well.”

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