Kuwaiti Mai Al-Aidan challenges Ahmed Badir: “Your case is lost … see Sahi


12:20 PM

Monday 30 November 2020

I wrote – Mona Al-Moji:

Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Eidan, commented on the announcement of the daughter of the artist Ahmed Badir, that her father intended to sue the first, for accusing her of insulting and bullying him.

May wrote through her personal account on the “Instagram” site: “I respond to this news … I would like to say to Ahmed at the monastery of the courts, open from 7 in the morning … Trust in God … and whoever you do not reach in your hand will hit your man … Your case is lost from now! The law is held accountable for me. Insult and slander and the proportion of something that is not in you at all, and I said his daughter, Mezzeh Talaat, Bint Al-Aqra, and you are really knocking, and there are a million syllables in your plays and you are laughing people at your lot.

And she continued: “With all due respect, Suhair Al-Babyloni (escaped) on your baldness in Rayya and Sakina, why did you not consider it an insult? Something that is not in you. I see your picture beside me and I see if you are knocking or with poetry. “

May added: “But let the lawyer show him two pennies of you, walk. You did not move me a hair, just so that you know that I am a democracy. I published your daughter’s response and your response, and the comments were left open. I did not close them, and for your information you see in my place instead of lawyer 6, and I understand the law and its portfolio.”

Sarah, the daughter of artist Ahmed Badir, announced her father’s intention to sue the Kuwaiti journalist Mai Al-Aidan, accusing her of bullying and insulting him, and she wrote through her personal account on the “Facebook” website: “Because of our belief in the importance of confronting the phenomenon and the scourge of bullying, which has become widespread in society .. Parental decision to appoint Professor Ashraf Abdulaziz, the lawyer, to take the necessary legal measures against the abuse of Kuwaiti journalist May Al-Eidan, and improperly transgressing our rights.

May published a picture of Ahmed Badir and his daughter, and commented: “The picture of the daughter of the artist Ahmed Badir .. And God is his daughter Mazza, bint Al-Aqra.”

For her part, Ahmed Badir’s daughter, Sarah, responded via Facebook, saying: “Ok, I woke up today. All Egypt met me, according to the post of Professor May Al-Aidan Media. I hear about you, of course, and I know that you are a quarrelsome person who loves bullying, especially Bullying artists!

She added, “But I would like to explain to you how much this is needed:

First: I am a parent who is a big star of the Arab world, and I will not allow you to speak about it text by word, and I think that you have seen this enough in the attack of the entire Arab world on you, which I myself was surprised by and thank all the people who responded to our absence!

Second: If artists for you their lives are permissible, then I am not an artist, so you can give me a useful sentence with them (with respect to all artists, of course).

Third: My father, whoever you did not know about, this taught me to reject bullying in all its forms, and you were my mistake, because I am sure I will not be forgiven!

Finally, I am a parent like the moon, and your opinion, with your permission, keep it for yourself after that. “

Then “Sarah” published another picture with her father, and commented on it: “You know, Professor May Talaqili, a brown groom, and the moon is almost paternal.”

Mai Al-Aidan


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