Laila Ghufran, on the artist accused of normalization: This is the right of those who left | news


Laila Ghufran commented on the recent controversy surrounding the crisis of the artist accused of normalization with the Israeli occupation, against the backdrop of his recent photos with a number of famous Israelis.

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Laila wrote on her Facebook account: “When he started slandering the dead in his series, which I call Ibn Haram, time turns and falls into a catastrophe that will not be forgiven, and she explains that, as you expected, as you are condemned, this is the right of those who left, the person is not money and fame, only a person. Ethics and culture First, it is not all wrong to justify that you did not know, unfortunately, the calamity is greater. “

She continued: “I am the one who tired me out. He used to show off and talk about the subject with arrogance, and it was not important to anyone and that he was killing me every day. What is important to him is riding the wave and not blurring the feelings of people, he trampled what is important to be known even if at the expense of others God, he curses fame and money if I am a broken heart Or, thank God. “

Moroccan singer Laila Ghufran had earlier accused the makers of the series “Ibn Halal” of trading in the case of the killing of her daughter Heba, insulting her and questioning the court ruling that convicted Mahmoud Al-Issawi of killing Heba and her friend Nadine while the series exonerates him, and added that the work creates heroes at the expense of others He condemns the judiciary and questions its integrity and acquits an accused person convicted by two courts.

Also, the Acting Professions Syndicate, in its meeting held yesterday evening, at the Syndicate headquarters, issued a decision to refer the artist, Muhammad Ramadan, for investigation, against the background of the pictures circulating of him accompanied by a group of Israeli settlers.

The head of the acting professions, Ashraf Zaki, said that the investigation will take place in the first week of next December, due to the presence of the artist outside the country, and he has also announced his suspension from work until the end of the investigation.

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