Learn about the services that use the most free 15 GB Google storage space


Google has decided to provide unlimited free storage for high-quality photos and videos, and everything will be charged against the 15 GB free storage provided by Google with each Google account, and unless you get the additional storage space by subscribing to the Google One service, there is A sure chance that the free 15GB will expire soon once you share it with other Google services like Gmail, Drive, Docs, etc.

Perhaps it will take users years to fill in the 15 GB free storage space, and if you are wondering how much space you have left, Google has launched a handy tool in Google Account that allows users to check the remaining space with free storage in years / month.

To learn how to access and use the tool:

Visit photos.google.com/storage.

Log in with the Google account you want to verify.

You’ll also find a small graph showing the details of the Google service taking up the space.

If you also want to know detailed storage details and manage the data consuming storage space:

1. Open https://myaccount.Google.com from any browser

2. Log in with the google account you want, check the remaining time

3. Find the Account Storage option and then click on the Manage storage option

4. Here you will find a color-coded graph representing the thing that is taking up your 15GB storage space and time

5. Here’s what the color represents in the graph:

Blue: Google Drive.

Red: Gmail

Yellow: google photos.

You can also click the redirect link icon in front of each option which will take you to the relevant website. From there, you can choose to delete your data and free up storage space as per option.


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