Learn the full story behind the rumor of Radwa El Sherbiny, champion of the woman, to a married man


Yesterday, Saturday, a number of rumors spread alleging that the broadcaster, Radwa El-Sherbini, married a married man, and unlike Radwa El-Sherbini’s response to commenting on the rumors, as she tries to ignore them all the time, but Radwa decided this time to respond to that rumor, through Live on her Instagram page. To clarify the truth of the matter, especially since the rumor is not only related to her, as Radwa El-Sherbiny said, “I encountered a very strange rumor, and because it does not concern me, I am alone. I have come to speak, and this is for the second time, and the first time it came to me that I am related to a Moroccan citizen by name and saying, and he said that I will marry him, and now I am still Looking out from the studio with the same make-up, a strange rumor emerged, I don’t know what to tell him, or I might know at that particular time.“.

I am bad enough, I want any need that I do, I know, I say that I am doing it, because the passport is not a defect, and I say that in my program at length. Get married, but choose the right“.

Regarding the reason for her response, she said: “I responded, because I returned the truth to respectable people is a duty, and because I met in Arabic some comments that, like what people were, were honest or not, or I don’t know .. Why is it said about it – people who are called famous – A sweet thing that you don’t give in charity, and when something is said that is not good, you give in charity and it takes place like that, our Lord guides everyone, and guides the person who thought writes the two words, so I forgive you because I know you are doing this for him, and he takes from whom to write that, and the life of our Lord, and our Lord is what Do not believe every thing you say, you don’t believe every rumor, you don’t say every two words, because we are human beings, and we have families and children who are bothering us, and a reputation. We are called famous people, but we are sick and we have people who are upset about them. Our Lord guides everyone. Two words came out to say about people I attached them to my head. “

Then she ended her words by saying: “If Al-Sherbini satisfies you with love, she will say and take your opinion as you have made my opinion, as what I did 4 or 5 years ago.”


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