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Mercato Day offers you a live broadcast of the “Egypt and Togo” match in one of the matches today, Tuesday 11/17/2020, within the fourth round of the African Nations Qualifiers scheduled to be held in Cameroon in early 2022.

The “Egypt and Togo” match is broadcast on BN Sports 7, with the voice of commentator “Ahmed El-Tayeb”.

The match will start at 16:00 GMT, 18:00 Egyptian and Sudanese time, 19:00 Saudi time, and it will be held at Kigi Stadium in the Togolese capital, Lome.

Egypt and Togo play for Group G, which includes the Comoros and Kenya.

The Comoros national team tops the group with 8 points, after yesterday’s victory over Kenya, which is in third place, while Egypt ranks second with 5 points, and Togo is bottom with one point in its tally.

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Egypt 3-0 Togo

Kigi Stadium (Lome – Togo)

Africa Cup of Nations Qualifiers (Fourth Round – Group G)

Underway now

Live broadcast written moment by moment

  • Welcome to the live broadcast of the “Egypt and Togo” match in the fourth round of the 2021 African Nations Cup qualifiers.
  • We kindly ask you to update this page to know the match details.
  • I accompany you on this coverage, “Mahmoud Maher” from the live broadcast center on Mercato Day
  • Egypt squad | Muhammad Al-Shennawi – Ahmed Tawfiq – Mahmoud Hamdi “Al-Wansh” – Ahmed Hegazy – Ayman Ashraf – Tariq Hamed – Hamdi Fathi – Muhammad Majdi “Afsha” – Mahmoud Hassan “Trezeguet” – Muhammad Sharif – Ahmed Hassan Coca.
  • Bench bench for the Egyptian national team | Muhammad Abu Jabal – Muhammad Bassam – Mahmoud Alaa – Ali Jaber – Ramadan Subhi – Hussam Hassan – Abdullah Al-Saeed – “Ahmed Sayed Zizou” – Mustafa Muhammad – Ahmed Abu Al-Fotouh.
  • 🇹🇬 Today’s Tojo lineup | Barcula – Dakonam – Pisili – Kangenevi – Lawson – Dossife – Ayiti – Pepoh – Sono – Malaba – Lapa Kudjo.
  • 👮‍♂️ This match is managed by Senegalese referee “Issa Si”
  • first half

  • 1 ″ 🟢 Whistle at the beginning of the meeting ..
  • 5 ″ A successful start for the Egyptian national team in this meeting at the level of the defense line.
  • 5 ″ There is a focus from Egypt more on apostates … while Tojo focuses on penetrating from the left side in Egypt ..
  • 10 🔥 🔥 Oooooooooooo… Laba Kudjo passes from Ahmed Hegazy on the right corridor of Egypt .. and passes a cross with his left foot from the position, running towards Malaba, who arrived late, so that the ball passes from everyone at the width of the six-yard area ..
  • 13 ″ 😱 Oooooooooooooooooo… the second chance to go to in less than 5 minutes, this time a cross from the left side of Egypt, to find Malaba who was around with a strong header, luckily for Mohamed El-Shenawy, she passed over the bar with one yard ..
  • 15 ″ 😳 The Togolese national team is determined to return to the atmosphere of these qualifiers by winning today .. It will never be an easy match for Egypt ..
  • 16 ″ Laba Kodjo is very annoying on the left side of Tojo.. has high penetration capabilities due to its speed
  • 17 ″ 😱 A fatal mistake by Ahmed Hegazy in dispersing a cross from a direct free kick, which goes to the far left of Mohamed El Shennawi, who pushed it away with the tips of his fingers to a corner .. almost a goal of friendly fire in favor of Togo.
  • 18 ″ ⚽️ Goooooooooooooooooooow… A goal against the course of the match for the Egyptian national team, by Mohamed Magdy Afsha.
  • 18 ″ Al-Ahly player “Mohamed Majdi Afsha” took advantage of a ball that was wrongly dispersed from the center of the Togo defense on the edge of the penalty area, to receive, dribble and shoot with the right foot, a beautiful ball on the far left of the goalkeeper
  • 22 ″ 🟨 A yellow card for the Togo player “Iti”
  • 32 ″ ⚽️ Goooooooooooooooooooooow… The second goal of the Egyptian team through “Mohamed Sherif” with a shot on the right foot to the right of the goalkeeper after receiving a beautiful long pass in the defensive back from the goalkeeper “Mohamed El Shennawy” ..
  • 32 ″ 👟 Mohamed El-Shennawi sent a long ball into the defensive rear of Togo, to make the defender mistakenly disperse it to Mohamed Sharif – the second scorer in the Egyptian League last season – to take advantage of the opportunity and stand alone and score ..
  • 34 ″ Ooooooooooooh… Another opportunity not lost from the Togo national team .. A beautiful cross ball from the right corridor finds an advanced defender head to perform the offensive role, but he places it in the head next to the right post of El Shennawi, despite the player’s rise without any supervision and without any harassment from the Egyptian team’s defenders ..
  • 40 ″ 🟨 Mahmoud Hamdi Al-Wensh receives a yellow card
  • 45 ″ The whistle at the end of the first half, advancing Egypt 0-2.
  • A perfect performance for Egypt in this half, the best performance since Hossam El-Badry took charge of coaching the team, succeeding Javier Aguirre in the summer of 2019.
  • Second half

  • 45 ″ 🟢 The whistle at the beginning of the second half of the match ..
  • 45 ″ 🔄 First change in the ranks of Togo, with Chucky coming down to replace Ite.
  • 47 ″ 🔄 The second change of Togo coach Claude Leroy is to go down “I deform” instead of Pepo.
  • 50 The Togolese national team continues its superiority over Egypt in the corridors … all the occasional balls and the launches that Togo makes on both sides are “extremely dangerous”
  • 51 ″ Togo Lu has a goal-scoring striker like Adebayor, she would have scored today ..
  • 52 ″ ⚽️ Goooooooooooooooooooooooow… Mahmoud Trezeguet scores the third goal for the Egypt national team with a beautiful follow-up to a long ball sent by Ayman Ashraf also in the depth of Togos defense ..
  • 52 ″ ❌ Togos defensive depth is just as weak and as bad as the depth of the attack line.
  • 53 ″ ❌ Togo is an incomplete team full of holes, and it does not deserve to compete for the second card.

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