Live broadcast | Watch the Argentina and Paraguay match today in the World Cup qualifiers


International football fans are awaiting a strong match between Argentina and Paraguay, today, Friday, the 13th, at the Lapomoponera stadium, for the third week of qualifying for the 2022 World Cup for South America.

The followers of the Kora 365 Sikkon site are on a date with watching the live broadcast of the match between Argentina and Paraguay today, which is scheduled to start today at 3:00 in the morning Mecca Al-Mukarramah, which is 2:00 in the local time, and will be broadcast on the air exclusively on the BN Sport HD1 channel with an audio performance by the commentator Nofal Bashi.

The Argentine national team, which is in third place on the qualifying table with 6 points, equal to leaders Brazil and runner-up Ecuador, is preparing for this meeting with all strength and ferocity, in order to achieve victory and sit on the top, even if temporarily.

Lionel Messi’s teammates have so far provided a distinguished level and returned once again to homogeneity and to provide an advanced technical level, so he hopes to continue this progress and great performance and achieve victory today and continue to collect more points to ensure that he comfortably qualify for the World Cup.

On the other hand, Paraguay ranks fifth on the table with 4 points, finished its preparations in high spirits, and enters the anticipated battle today with full force, hoping to emerge from it with a positive result and provide a distinguished level and great performance and advance a step on the ranking table.

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