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Mercato Day offers you a live broadcast of the match “Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund” in the top matches today, Saturday 7-11-2020, in the seventh round of the German League.

The match “Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund” is broadcast on the French channel BN Sports 1, as well as on the British channel BTS Sport, in addition to Sky Sports Bundesliga 1.

The match will start at 17:30 GMT, 19:30 Egyptian local time, 20:30 KSA, at the Signal Iduna Park stadium, under the management of the German referee, Manuel Grafi.

With a tie in points before this round, there does not seem to be a better time for the Bundesliga Clasico between the best defense in the competition so far, “Borussia Dortmund” and Bayern Munich’s strongest offensive line.

Borussia Dortmund’s defensive strength comes from controlling the games thanks to a high league possession rate of 63%, but with 50% of the Westphalian Lions scoring in the domestic league after the 60th minute, it is clear the hosts like the attack late.

By scoring 24 goals after six rounds in the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich broke the record set in the 1973/74 season, and in the middle of last week, the German champions became the first team in the history of the Champions League to score four goals in the last 15 minutes of the match, as they crushed Red Bull Austrian Salzburg, with a score (6-2).

Bayern Munich controls the record of direct confrontations with Borussia Dortmund, winning 61 games, while Dortmund has won 33 matches, and tied for 33 times.

Far from past figures, Bayern Munich is ranked second equally with Borussia Dortmund in the German league table with 15 points each, one point behind leaders “Leipzig”, who played an extra match.

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Bayern Munich 1-1 Borussia Dortmund

🏟 Signal Iduna Park Stadium (Dortmund – Germany)

🏆 German League (7th round)

Underway now

Signal Iduna Park of Borussia Dortmund
Borussia Dortmund’s Signal Iduna Park – AFP photos
  • Welcome to this live broadcast of the Bayern and Dortmund match in the Bundesliga 2021/2020
  • I am accompanying you on this live coverage, “Mahmoud Maher” from the live broadcast center on Mercato Day
  • Refresh the page first by way of “Refresh” to know the match details
  • 👈 Borussia Dortmund squad today: Porky – Hummels – Rafa Guerrero – Akanji – Monier – Vetsel – Delaney – Rina – Marco Rios – Sancho – Haaland.
  • Bayern Munich squad today: Manuel Noir – Jerome Boateng – Bona Saar – David Alaba – Lucas Hernandez – Goretska – Kimmich – Thomas Muller – Kingsley Coman – Serge Gnabry – Robert Lewandowski.
  • This meeting is managed by the referee, “Graphi”.
  • first half

Manuel Neuer and Marco Reus in the match between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund
Manuel Neuer and Marco Reus in the Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund match in the German Bundesliga – AFP PHOTOS
  • 1 ″ 🟢 Whistle at the beginning of the meeting ..
  • 1 ″ Ooooooooooh … a very early opportunity in the match for Robert Lewandowski … a shot from inside the penalty area, and from a very close range, but it passes near the right post ..
  • 5 ″ A strong attack from Dortmund, led by Sancho.
  • 6 ″ 🔥 You shoot from Axel Vitzel, but she passes next to Bayern Munich’s right-hand post.
  • 12 ″ Oooooh..A good opportunity to score the first goals for Dortmund from a corner that was beautifully executed, but Bayern Munich’s defense saved the situation at the last minute ..
  • 14 ″ ✅ Oooooooooo… Dortmund goalkeeper “Porky” removes a very difficult header from the left scissors after a wonderful transfer from Goretska to a cross he received from David Alaba inside the penalty area ..
Reus joins Thomas Muller in Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund in the German Bundesliga - AFP PHOTOS
Reus joins Thomas Muller in Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund in the German Bundesliga – AFP PHOTOS
  • 25 ″ ❌ An canceled goal for Bayern Munich was scored by Lewandowski .. The referee returned the shot in the mouse technique and made sure that the goal was not correct after a big celebration from the players.
  • 35 ″ Oooooooooh… Haaland was on his way to isolate Manuel Neuer from the midfield circle .. but Joshua Kimick prevented him from passing by committing a tactical error by obstructing from behind ..
  • 36 ″ Dortmund players call on referee “Grave” to expel the Bayern Munich player.
  • 36 ″ Kemik falls to the ground … he hit himself.
  • 36 ″ A yellow card for the midfielder, Bayern Kimmik or Kimmich ..
  • 37 ″ Bayern coach Flick forced to change Kimick to push French midfielder Tolisso.
  • 45″ ⚽️ جووووووووووووووووووووووووول.… Marco Rios puts Borussia Dortmund ahead with a powerful shot on the right foot, after converting a model cross that came from the left side by Portuguese back Rafa Guerrero.
  • 45 ″ Rios’s shot went into the narrow corner of goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, who was surprised at his right.
  • 45 + 2 ″ Oooooooooooooo… Serge Gnabry almost did it and scored the first goal for Bayern with a shot from the 18th line, but the intervention of midfielder Delaney saved the situation with a smart obstruction ..
  • 45 + 2 ″ Dortmund player “Delaney” yellow card
  • 45 + 2 ″ A direct free kick in favor of Janabri … and Lewandowski on execution.
  • 45+3″ ⚽️ جوووووووWhoaWhoaWow… Austrian David Alaba scored a goal that tied to Bayern with a smart shot on the sole of the left foot on the far left of the goalkeeper.
  • 45 + 3 ″ ✅ Collaboration between 4 players … The free kick was played smart … Leva ran on the right side inside the Dortmund penalty area surprisingly, then Gnabry passed the ball to Thomas Muller, who fixed it to pay David Alaba from a steady position curved to the left of the goalkeeper. A goal frisk!
  • 45 + 4 ″ the whistle at the end of the first half with a 1-1 draw.
  • Second half

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