Maryam Amer Muneeb on the anniversary of her father’s death: You were my rock


Maryam Amer Muneeb, daughter of the late Amer Munib, was keen to commemorate her father, who is now the ninth year of his death.

Maryam posted photos of him on the Instagram feature on the Instagram photo and video exchange, commenting on her, “9 years ago and I could not keep up with the kind love and respect that everyone shows me the moment they know you are my father .. You will always remain in the same position regardless About the speed of the passage of time ”.

“I was lucky the day I walked this earth knowing you are my father, my rock, and everything to me,” she added.

It is noteworthy that Amer Munib was born in the Dokki neighborhood in Giza on September 2, 1963 to an artistic family; Since his grandmother is the late artist Mary Munib, Amer moved to his grandmother’s house in Shubrā with his older brother (Jamal) and his two sisters (Amira) and (Amina).

He married “Iman al-Alfi” and had three daughters from her, Maryam, Zina and Noor.


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