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Many days, and even many weeks, have passed since I wrote an article here titled “Demolishing the Facade of Cairo,” and I mean 8 buildings that represent a facade on the Nile, and they are buildings that the government “decided” to demolish as part of the “they said” plan to beautify Cairo .. which are buildings the residents said With it, the government informed them of the demolition of these buildings, which are located between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building next to the TV and even the Ramses Hilton Hotel, and it raised several questions, including: Are these buildings in danger of collapsing or are in a bad condition and do not accept restoration and beautification .. What are the residents doing, especially since everyone – Owners and residents of these buildings – they reject the decision to demolish them … for a good reason is that they can live for tens of years … and all that the government has told its residents is that this area falls within the “Maspero 2” plan, even though it is not random buildings … or with a bleak outlook. Rather, it includes historical buildings, with smell and memories, and committed to unifying heights, and are not subject to fall and represent a danger to their inhabitants.

Weeks and days passed, and no official in the Ministry of Housing, for example, kindly responded to us or explained the government’s point of view .. So did the lack of response become a feature of the ministry … or from the concerned party to handle this project ?! They did not receive any notifications, except for the first notification of the demolition of all these buildings, and the residents – and the owners together – ask whether all of these people resort to the House of Representatives … and to the deputies of this region, so that the “deputy department” raises the whole issue to the council … or is the Ministry of Housing still She is studying the subject, perhaps in order to prepare a response to what we mentioned in the previous article, and this – it is only – that made the ministry delay in responding to us? Because we trust Dr. Mustafa Madbouly’s government to deal – not only with us – in a disregarded manner, but also with residents who do not know what they are doing.

Rather, we refuse for the Ministry of Housing to deal with public issues with this ignorance or “pretentiousness” because the residents of these buildings are not residents of a slum area and that the state will provide them with apartments suitable for the residents of this area, and they are not, for example, the residents of “Maspero 1” .. And it is painful that many destinations Among those parties interested in preserving historical areas did not move not only to protect these buildings from demolition, but because they are really buildings with a historical smell.

■ ■ Although it is our right to defend the interests of the people, we marvel at this governmental silence or disregard … Or see, residents and owners resort to the judiciary, as did the residents of the building that is still inside the garden of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs … and the lofty Egyptian judiciary stood with them. And we say if one building of them was ramshackle, we would have agreed … but it does not need more than a plastic surgery.

We are still waiting for the government’s response, we, the residents and the owners !!

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