Masrawy tracks … where Salah went before announcing his infection with Corona and when


04:26 PM

Saturday 14 November 2020

Books – Mohamed Yousry Morshed:

Amr El-Ganini, head of the five-year committee formed to manage the Egyptian Football Association, announced that Mohamed Salah, the star of the Pharaohs and Liverpool of England, had been infected with the new Corona virus (Covid-19), after the results of the examination by a medical swab that the Egyptian player made on Friday.

Medical examinations conducted by Salah confirmed that he had Covid-19, to isolate the Egyptian star inside the team’s residence in the Fifth Settlement.

Salah has visited five places since his arrival in Cairo at nine oclock last Monday, so the starting point was from Cairo airport, specifically the VIP hall, passing through the hall that witnessed the celebration of his brother and his home in Cairo, while the Egyptian king was repeatedly present in Cairo Stadium and the headquarters of the national team camp.

According to a source who spoke to Masrawy, last Wednesday’s training at Cairo Stadium witnessed an unusual attendance, and some of them asked for filming with Salah, unlike the other two trainings.

The source, who refused to be identified, added that some minor symptoms appeared on Mo on Friday morning and before he underwent the swab, and was limited to a state of fatigue and slight congestion in perjury, so that the swab he performed on Friday morning proved his injury before undergoing another swab.

The result of the medical swab conducted by the members of the Egyptian national team showed that they were completely safe from the virus, unlike Salah, the only positive case so far among the ranks of the Pharaohs.

This map shows the places that Salah visited during his stay in Cairo until the announcement of his injury on Friday. Click here to watch


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