Mayar Sharif loses the final of the Las Palmas championship in Spain … and rises to the world ranking


Tennis player Mayar Sharif lost her match against Estonian Kaya Kanebi, ranked number one in the tournament and 105 in the world, in the final of the Las Palmas tournament to be held in Spain, with a score of 2/0, and the results of the runs were 3/6/6/2.

Despite the loss of Mayar, it advanced 4 places in the world ranking and became 128th instead of 132.

Mayar had reached the final of the Las Palmas tennis tournament in Spain, after she beat German Julie Niemeyer in two sets for a group in the semi-final match..

Mayar Sharif qualified for the semi-finals of the Las Palmas tennis tournament in Spain, after beating her Belgian rival Lara Salden in two sets for nothing..

Mayar and managed to qualify to the second round after defeating Spanish Marta Kostek in two sets for one group..

The Egyptian champion had jumped to 132nd in the world and second in the Arab world after winning the Charleston International Tennis Championship in the United States of America, in a great achievement.

Mayar Sharif is considered the first Egyptian player in history to reach the main role in one of the Grand Slam tournaments after she reached the main role in the Roland Garros tournament last October, and she is also the first Egyptian to qualify for the Olympic Games, where she will play in the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.


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