Medhat Saleh got married and her friend stole her jewelry .. Sherine Seif A.’s stories


09:01 AM

Friday 27 November 2020

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sharkawy:

Today, November 27, the artist Sherine Seif Al-Nasr celebrates her birthday, and is one of the beauties of the nineties. Her European features caught her eye, and her talent enabled her to participate in many successful artworks.

We review the most prominent information and stories about the artist Sherine Seif Al-Nasr in the following lines.

– Sherine was born on this day in 1967, in Jordan, to an Egyptian father of Circassian roots.

Sherine graduated from the Faculty of Law in 1992 and lived in France for a few years, until she met the artist Youssef Francis while working there and presented her to the cinema.

– Sherine Seif Al-Nasr participated in a number of successful dramas, most notably: “Furious and Furious”, “Who Does Not Love Fatima”, “Money and the Children”, and “The Thief Who Loved Him.”

– She participated in a number of films, the most prominent of which were: “Sawaq Al Hanim”, “Prince of Darkness”, “Sleeping in Honey”, and her last work was the play “Body Gard”, which she co-starred with Adel Imam for seven years.

– Sherine Seif Al-Nasr married 3 times, the first to the Saudi businessman Abdulaziz Al-Ibrahim, the second to the artist Medhat Saleh, and the third to the doctor Raif Al-Feki.

Sherine disappeared from sight for a period of time, until she returned to the scene again due to the theft case in 2019, after her friend “Ihsan” was accused of stealing her jewelry, estimated at five million pounds, and Sherine told Masrawy: “On the day of the incident the accused asked me to give her the key to the dressing room. (Dressing Room), to return me the bag that I borrowed. ”

She added, “I was surprised that she came out of the room to tell me that the safe was open and that she had been robbed:” I told her that there is no certainty of anything wrong with it. She said to me, by God Almighty, I entered I saw the need to acquire me. I was stolen. I told my manager of my business and told the investigations to steal all my formula. They would see if someone threw it one at a time, took it and discovered that it is dealing with jewelers and some jewelery is being imitated by them.

The misdemeanor court south of Giza punished Sherine Seif Al-Nasr’s friend, Ihsan, with a two-year prison sentence for accusing her of stealing jewelry from the artist’s apartment, valued at about 5 million pounds.

The investigations’ investigations, after emptying the surveillance cameras and using the testimony of the real estate guard, proved that the close friend of the artist Sherine Seif Al-Nasr was the perpetrator, and she reached her residence and arrested her, and she admitted that she took advantage of her presence in the apartment, neglecting her friend and stealing her gold contents, which are a bracelet and a gold lion inlay with diamonds.


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