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The book was published with the title: “Unforgettable Memories with Jihan Sadat”, within the series of the book of the Republic, which is published monthly by Dar Al Tahrir!.

From the title you understand that Jehan Safwat Raouf, famous for Jihan Sadat, is the subject of the pages from cover to cover, starting from her birth on Rawda Island, known today as Manial Island, until she got to know President Sadat in Suez through one of her relatives, married to pilot Hassan Ezzat , Until she became the most famous first lady in the region in her time, which lasted ten years!.

One of the characteristics of the book is that it presents the march of Jihan Sadat with answers to questions that do not stop from the author, who knew the former first lady from the beginning, and she was documenting each stage in a long press dialogue with her searching for details, and she wanted to turn the stations of the march into an open book for everyone interested in Learn about the features of the experience of living with a first-class statesman named Anwar Sadat!.

As for the story with Ibrahim Saada, it was in the year 2000, when Jihan Sadat attended the millennium initiation ceremony at the foot of the pyramid with Mrs. Suzan Mubarak. When Akhbar Al-Youm newspaper published the proceedings of the ceremony, the picture of Jihan was removed from the picture frame, so I wrote on my side in the delegation saying that «Saada », The newspaper’s editor-in-chief, was one of the closest people to Sadat, and this is not appropriate for a newspaper he heads! And the next day he, may God have mercy on him, was with me on the phone, apologizing for a mistake that had occurred, and saying that the picture was published in the second edition, and he sends me a copy of the second edition with a special representative!.

Mr. Abdel Razek Tawfiq, Editor-in-Chief of the Republic, presents to the book, and describes the relationship between Jehan Sadat and Nahid Al-Minshawi as a model for the relationship between a journalist and senior officials .. In the book’s publication an article written by Sadat in the first issue of the newspaper, which was published on December 7, 1953 when he was supervising its exit to The light … and in it you see that Jihan Sadat lived and still believes that education is a lifeline, and that the hero of war and peace led a war for peace, not for the war in itself, and that is why he answered when he asked him one day about his highest wishes, so he said: Peace in the East Al-Awsat .. Then he repeated the phrase three times .. which means that the “Nobel Peace Prize” going to him was going to a man who deservedly deservedly did not lack anything.

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