Mental health consultant: Marital quarrels positively affect women’s hormones


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Dr. Walid Hindi, a mental health consultant, said that the assignment between the spouses is one of the necessary things as they are one entity, so the waiver is considered one of the things that must be available, whether moral or material concession or in personal convictions that do not affect the constants, this type is called the benign concession that takes away Marital quarrels and positively affect the woman’s hormones and the continuation of the relationship of love and affection between the two parties.

“Hindi” added, during his meeting with the media man Manal Salama, on the “Sweet Speech” program, broadcast on the “Echo of the Country” channel, today, Tuesday, that the wife must give the husband and endure the difficulties that the husband faces at the beginning of the marriage. This benign concession is “tender” Indicates parenting, origin, mature personality and the establishment of a successful family relationship.

The mental health consultant clarified that the wife must stand with her husband and support him, but there are some things that should not be waived, such as securing the wife’s life through the backside and the marriage or housing value. Failure to give up these things enhances the wife’s value in the husband’s view, in addition to In addition to several other advantages such as preserving the continuation of the marital relationship and not betraying the wife, which limits the cases of separation and divorce.

He added that the wife’s failure to waive her rights at the beginning of the relationship protects her from the vicissitudes of the future and the manipulation of her feelings, so you can give up morale and some simple things, but without affecting your legitimate rights.

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