“Mersa and Corona” … Fayek Azab’s son reveals the details of his father’s case


12:36 PM

Tuesday 10 November 2020


Khaled, the son of artist Fayeq Azab, revealed the details and developments of his father’s health after the art critic Majdi Al-Tayeb announced that he had gone through a major health crisis, and that he was in Agouza Hospital.

The son of the artist, Fayek Azab, said during a telephone conversation with the journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi on the “Ninth” program, broadcast on Channel One of the Egyptian TV, that his father was undergoing surgery to expand the spinal cord, and that he was suffering from stopping movement in his hands and feet during the last period.

He continued: “Then the doctors discovered that his father had a bacterial pneumonia in the chest, and it was found that it was a bacterium, and then his temperature rose, and the doctors found after the tests that he had contracted the Corona virus.”

Azab explained that his father has been staying in the hospital on an airbag for 40 days, noting that they are treating him with antibiotics to eliminate the bacteria.

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