Mervat Amin reveals the scenes of her songs with Abdel Halim Hafez in “My Father Above the Tree”


Celebrate Superstar Mervat Amin On her birthday, today, Tuesday, which is the most famous and most important star of her generation, as she made her mark through her various and varied roles that have achieved great success, whether in cinematic films or through television drama, which made her a star of Shubbak, especially since her attractive appearance and beauty that no one disputes was It is also among the factors that contribute to the hearts of its fans from different Arab countries.

The star Mervat Amin’s distinction in Egyptian cinema and her strong acting performance made her the focus of attention of many producers and filmmakers. She made her their first choice in participating in the film championship, which is what happened with her in her choice of starring in front of the Asmar Nightingale Abdel Halim Hafez in the movie “My Father Above the Tree” alive She embodied the character of Amal, who is the fiancee of Abdel Halim Hafez, and Mervat Amin said that this film is her first path to success.


The star Mervat Amin narrated the scenes of the songs of the movie “My Father Above the Tree”, while hosting the “Her Excellency” program presented by the artist and journalist Isaad Younes, saying that I was enjoying that Abdel Halim was singing Leah, it is not just a matter of love, and the easiest song in my acting was ” Oh, my heart, because I was doing a lot of things in it, but the rest of the movie’s songs were very difficult to act in because I was standing in front of him for a bit, a little smile, laughter, and all facial expressions.


And the song “Qadi El-Balaj” followed the song, Rida’s group was on the beach dancing, and I imagined in 3 days because there was more than a cuple and everybody said something.


She added, as for the song that took a long time to be filmed, it was the song “Hudd Al Habayeb”, but I could not do it, because the filming was at sunset, and every day they went at sunset and took a shot at this time.


She explained that in the song Ziada but Achhalt was supposed to be in the beginning of the film, its name was “the most beloved of the people”.


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