Mido and Zaki messages to Zamalek fans after losing Africa


Ahmed Hossam “Mido” and Amr Zaki, the Zamalek player, were keen to present messages to the fans of the White Castle, after losing the African Champions League title.

Zamalek lost the African Champions League final 2-1 to Al-Ahly at the Cairo International Stadium stadium.

Mido wrote on his Twitter account, “Congratulations to Al-Ahly, and by saying to the Zamalek fans that the upset is natural because the match is big and the timing of the loss is difficult and all the circumstances have stood against us, but praise be to God, and we must be proud of our team.”

He continued, “The Zamalek club must maintain this team, with Hamza Mathlouthi and two players entering its defect. We will win Africa, God willing, for the upcoming season.”

For his part, Amr Zaki wrote, “Important to the management and players of Zamalek, we learn from Liverpool. He lost the Champions League final from Real Madrid after a legendary season and it was the best, but luck did not do it justice.”

“But he returned in the next season after maintaining the strength of the team and achieving the championship,” he added.

The former Zamalek striker concluded his remarks, saying, “For as long as you have seen a great crowd like Zamalek fans, never lose hope.”


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