Mido Jaber is not the first Players disappeared and one of them has not been found yet


A strange incident on the Egyptian sports community occurred yesterday eveningWhen Moataz Al-Battawi, general supervisor of the ball at Ceramica Cleopatra Club, announced the disappearance of Mido Jaber, the team’s player, from the team’s camp hotel, which is being held in a hotel in the Fifth Settlement.

This was not the first incident in the sports community, and we monitor for you during this report disappearance incidents that occurred to players in the past years:

Eritrea players

Officials announced that 7 players from the Eritrean national football team lost their participation in a tournament in Uganda.

Reuters reported that this is the second time in two months that Eritrean soccer players have disappeared while they are on a tour in Uganda.

She added that there are no details about where they would go, but dozens of Eritrean athletes refused to return home or disappeared while competing abroad over the past decade, in an attempt to seek asylum.

Rogers Molindwa, a spokesman for the CECAFA regional football association that ran the tournament, said it appeared the seven players were surrounded by tight security at their hotel on Monday night.

There was no immediate comment from the Eritrean government, while the rest of the team returned to their home turf after losing to Uganda 3-0 in the Senior Challenge Cup final.

During October, 5 Eritrean players disappeared from the Residence Hotel during another participation in the CECAFA Championship in Uganda.

– Sala plane

The plane carrying the Argentine player, Emiliano Sala, lost the attack of the French team, “Nantes,” after it disappeared on Tuesday, January 22, 2019, from radar devices permanently above the “Munch” Sea, while on its way from France to the city of “ Wales ”in the United Kingdom, after signing“ Sala ”his transfer contract to the English club“ Cardiff City ”.

Rescue workers announced, according to many international media, that they had found parts of the “Piper B-46 Malibu” light aircraft that was carrying “Sala”, but they had not yet found any traces of the body of the young Argentine player, or any of those who They were with him. Meanwhile, several media reports suggested that the Argentine player is unlikely to survive in those cold conditions.

The French radio “RTL” confirmed that “Emiliano Sala”, the attacker of the former “Nantes” team, had boarded his private plane with two of his friends heading to the Welsh capital, Cardiff, and during the flight, the plane suddenly disappeared from the “radar” devices. Above the “Manche” Sea.

A few days after the official announcement of the officials in the “Cardiff City” club, that he had signed a contract with the Argentine “Sala” during the current winter transfer period.

Stop searching for “Sala”.

The authorities shocked everyone, after officially announcing that they stopped searching for the plane carrying Argentine “Emiliano Sala”, stressing that his chance of survival was “very difficult”. “Despite 24 hours of continuous search, 80 hours of flying with three planes and 5 helicopters and many ships and boats with an area of ​​approximately 4400 square meters more than once … we could not reach any trace of the plane, the pilot, or the passenger,” said the person in charge of the search. .

Zimbabwe’s runaway players

The government newspaper Sunday Mail in Zimbabwe reported that an official in the local football association announced that the eight players who disappeared in Britain following their controversial trip there to participate in a friendly match last week had requested political asylum for Britain.

Godfrey Gabagaba, Executive Secretary of the First Division League in Zimbabwe, said that the eight players – Elton Chimidza, Raymond Ondie, Artwell Maphisa, Silent Katoomba, David Senjo, Chiaona Ninda from CAPS United, Loxon Mutanga and Dalisoye Dhalamini from the Highlanders team – used their right to seek asylum from the Highlanders. Politician in the territories of the former colonial power.

The eight disappeared from CAPS United and Highlanders, one of the biggest football teams in Zimbabwe, had obtained visas to enter England for a match between their teams at the beginning of last week, but they did not return to Zimbabwe with the rest of the two teams as scheduled during the past week.

The players disappeared after the match that was held in Bravo at the end of last week .. The sources indicated that at least two players made sure that their bags were passed through Heathrow International Airport, then disappeared in the crowd and did not board the plane to return home while the other players sneaked out of the team camp.

Two of the CAPS United officials also disappeared, although the club’s owner denied the matter … and said that the officials, including the team’s coach, remained in Britain to search for the missing players. “We allowed the players to visit their relatives and there was no reason to distrust them,” Tween Ferry told the Sunday Mail. “It seems that we have lost hope for the players to return,” he added.

The Sunday Mail stated that the players do not have their passports, but rather that the team officials.

The match was originally recorded as an international friendly match, but it turned into a social match at a rugby stadium in the northern city of Bradford..and there was no prior official approval by the English Football Association to hold this match.

– Kuwait national team player

The disappearance of the former Kuwaiti national team and Fahaheel club player, Saud Faryan Al-Anzi, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, sparked widespread controversy on social media, and activists held the Kuwaiti authorities responsible for the investigation of his suspicious disappearance.

The star of the Kuwaiti national team was lost in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, and they re-published a picture of his car in a way that shows the plate on which its number registered in the Traffic Department is affixed

The brother of the Kuwaiti football star asked on social media to provide him with any information available about his missing brother.

A number of representatives and activists interacted with the event, calling for intensified efforts to search for Al-Anzi, as MP Talal Al-Jalal asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to communicate with all channels in Saudi Arabia, to know the fate of the young man and his safe return to his family.


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