Mohamed Ramadan: A photo of the Egyptian artist with the Israeli singer Omir Adam provokes a wave of criticism


Social networking sites were buzzing with a picture of the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan, showing him embracing the well-known Israeli singer Omir Adam in Dubai, which sparked widespread controversy between the tweeters and accusations of “betrayal and normalization” of Ramadan.

Comment on the image,

Hamad Al Mazrouei, Muhammad Ramadan and Omair Adam

Emirati Hamad Al Mazrouei was the first to publish the photo, accompanied by Israeli and Egyptian artists, using the hashtag #Dubai_groups us, before deleting it after a wave of the attack.

In response to the criticism directed at him, Muhammad Ramadan tweeted, saying that he “does not ask about the country of the person who is taking the photo with him.” It has nothing to do with the Palestinian issue. ”

The head of the Egyptian acting professions, Ashraf Zaki, had previously confirmed in an interview with a local TV program that Ramadan denied his personal knowledge of the Israeli artist before filming with him.


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