Mohamed Ramadan sends a message to his fans before the Actors Syndicate meeting


Posted by artist Mohamed Ramadan A new video of him through his personal account on the “Instagram” photo and video exchange site, while he is wearing my “Jilbab”, after his return from Aswan.

He commented on the video saying, “Good morning to those with clear hearts and wise minds, my dear fans.”

Where the artist was honored Mohamed Ramadan Days ago, from the International Council for Small and Medium Enterprises in cooperation with the United Nations in Aswan.

And “Ramadan” published a video on his account on the “Instagram” website, upon his arrival at Aswan Airport, where he was wearing a baladi jilbab accompanied by a clip from the song “Wehna Al-Sa`idah” ​​by the popular artist Ahmed Sheiba.

A short while ago, the Syndicate of Acting Professions issued a press release regarding the artist Muhammad Ramadan’s photo crisis with Israelis, which occurred recently, and which decided an emergency meeting of the artist Muhammad Ramadan to discuss the issue at 5 pm.

Ramadan commented on the crisis of taking a picture in the Emirates with an Israeli artist, and he posted a video on his Facebook page, taking pictures with a number of his fans, saying, “There is no room for me to ask everyone about his identity, color, nationality, and religion. debt”.

Muhammad Ramadan changes the Facebook image with the Palestinian flag

The first response from the Syndicate of Theatrical Professions regarding the crisis of Muhammad Ramadan


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