Mohamed Salah defeats Corona virus and returns to training inside the gym … Image


The Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, a professional with the ranks of the Liverpool Club, participated in his followers and fans, with a picture from inside the gym, to finally announce his participation in training and his return to training after his recovery from the new Corona virus “Covid 19”, and the Egyptian Pharaoh appeared in the photo he published via The personal Alastori, with his account via Instagram, is in full brilliance inside the gym.

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The Egyptian star thanked the Egyptian Federation, after honoring him several days ago, and Salah published a picture and commented, “I am honored to receive this award, and I thank everyone for their continuous support.”

The ceremony was attended by Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, who celebrated the achievements of Mohamed Salah, the national team player and professional in the English ranks of Liverpool, and Mohamed Salah is still achieving them with his English team during the previous period and breaking many records in the English league.

And the Ministry of Health and Population announced the results of the recent Corona virus detection scan for the star of the Egyptian national team and the English club Liverpool, Mohamed Salah, and the Ministry of Health confirmed that the result of Mohamed Salah’s analysis was negative for the Corona virus, indicating that Salah received doses of the Egyptian treatment protocol for a week until he recovered completely Of the virus.

The Ministry of Health assured the public of the safety of the two daughters of the star, Mohamed Salah, and that they were not infected with the virus, noting that the player and his family were subject to careful medical follow-up by the Ministry of Health, as it is a great value to Egypt and its people.


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