Mohamed Salah formed the expected Liverpool formation against Atalanta today in the Champions League


Host a team Liverpool, EnglandAt 10 pm today, Wednesday, his counterpart Atalanta in the fourth round of the group stage in the European Champions League at Anfield, and the Liverpool team enters today’s match against Atalanta, who leads the group four standings with 9 points, out of 3 consecutive victories, and is succeeded by Ajax Amsterdam With 4 points, a goal difference from third-placed Atalanta, and finally Maitland of Denmark, without a score of points.

Liverpool vs. Atalanta

The British newspaper, “Mirror”, indicated that the Egyptian international Mohamed Salah was in the expected formation of the Liverpool match against Atalanta, after his technical readiness, after his recovery from the Corona virus, which he had joined during his stay in the last Egyptian national team camp.

And Mohamed Salah, the star of Liverpool, had been infected with the Corona virus in the camp of the national team, before the matches of Togo in the third and fourth round of qualifiers for African nations 2021, which led to his exclusion and health isolation, and then he was transferred to El Gouna according to his desire, and then he went to England via A private plane with his colleague Mohamed Al-Nani Najm in the middle of Arsenal.

While the newspaper expected that the Senegalese international, Sadio Mane, will be on the bench against Atalanta, in today’s match, at “Anfield”, in addition to the absence of Brazilian Roberto Firmino, the Reds striker.

The expected formation of the Liverpool match against Atalanta, Alison Baker in goalkeeping, followed by Williams, Phillips Matip, Tsimikas, Fabinho, Henderson, Vinaldome, Shaqiri, Diogo Jota, Mohamed Salah.

As for the expected Atalanta formation, it was as follows: Tolui in goalkeeping, then Romero, Djamcity, Remo Friller, De Ron, Hans Hattebor, Robin Gossens, Gomez, Morell, Zapata.

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