Mohamed Salah on Jota’s brilliance: I’m not worried, we are all at Liverpool helping each other


The Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, the English Liverpool player, said that it is necessary for the Reds to win and continue their wonderful start in the European Champions League, after sweeping his Italian host Atalanta, with five goals free of charge, in the match that brought them together yesterday evening, Tuesday, at the “Jewess” stadium In the third round of the European Champions League in the new season 2020-2021, Salah said in televised comments after the match: “We had to win the match and continue the great start.” He added, “I think they played well and played an open match and wanted to score for that We were able to find opportunities. “

Mohamed Salah added, “Jota scored 3 goals and I congratulate him for scoring, and it was more important to win this match and I think it is a great start for us.”

In response to a question about his concern about competing in the attack, especially after the brilliance of Jota, Salah explained: “I do not feel anxious. We are all here helping each other, trying to help the team and giving 100% and happy for each other.”

The brilliant Portuguese striker Diego Guetta scored the two goals for the Reds in the first half in the 16th and 33rd minutes of the match, and in the second half, the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah scored the third goal for the Reds in the 47th minute of the match, before two minutes later he succeeded in making the fourth goal for Senegalese Sadio Mani, then Jota completed his personal “hat-trick” in the 55th minute of the match.

Mohamed Salah rose to the top scorer for the Reds throughout history in the Champions League, equally with Steven Gerrard, the legend of the team, after he scored a goal in the Atalanta match, to raise his score to 21 goals in the tournament with Liverpool, the same balance as the historic captain of the team.

Salah also equaled the number of Michael Owen’s goals with Liverpool in all European championships, with 22 goals in the list headed by Steven Gerrard, with 41 goals in total European appearances in the Champions League, Europaleh and European Super.


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