Mohamed Salah .. Salah’s uncle gives the pharaoh the song “My God Guard You From the Eye” … Video


The media, Lamees El Hadidi, expressed her wishes for the recovery of the star Mohamed Salah, the player of the English club Liverpool, after announcing his infection with the Corona virus, and quoted Lamees El Hadidi, during her presentation of the “Last Word” program on the On Channel, a gift from artist Salah Abdullah to the Egyptian Pharaoh.

The program showed a video of Salah Abdullah, from the location of one of his artistic works, and before completing the make-up, he sang to Muhammad Salah, saying: “My God guards you from the eye … and you fear quickly, O Muhammad … our beloved, O Noor Al-Ain … Tighten your tricks, O Muhammad.”“.

And Salah Abdullah added that all of Egypt, and all fans of the roundabout all over the globe are calling for Muhammad Salah to heal.“.

The Scientific Committee to Combat Corona Virus at the Ministry of Health and Population confirmed the stability of the condition of Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian national team player, “the pride of the Arabs”, confirming that he is subject to treatment and responds significantly. Always follow him around the clock with taking his temperature and giving him the required medications.

The Scientific Committee to Combat Corona added that Mohamed Salah has strong immunity and his immune system is more able to resist than jealousy and soon he will improve permanently, indicating that an analysis will be made. pcr To the player within days to confirm his condition.


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