Moncef Al-Salawi reveals when life will return to normal before Corona


In statements to CNN, Al-Salawi expected that life would return to normal in United State By May 2021.

Senior advisor indicated for the development program Fertilization of Kofid-19The approval of the relevant authorities for the first vaccine for the disease means that Americans can be vaccinated by mid-December.

Al-Salawi explained that if the vaccination distribution plan and immunization against the epidemic go well, then a sufficient number of Americans should be vaccinated by next May, which will allow life to return to normal.

Members of the Advisory Committee on Vaccines and Affiliate Biological Products meet For the US Food and Drug Administration On December 10, to consider the urgent license application for the use of a vaccine.PfizerAnd Baiontec against the Corona epidemic.

Health authorities in the United States plan to vaccinate 20 million people in December and another 30 million a month after that, and health care workers and the elderly are expected to be among the first to receive the vaccine.

Regarding vaccination mechanisms, Al-Salawi indicated that 70 percent of the United States population must have access to the vaccine, in order to ensure the occurrence ofHerd immunity Real, as he described it.

He added: “Real immunity will be achieved in May, according to our current plans, and citizens must accept the idea of ​​taking the vaccine, because that is very important.”

Al-Slaoui warned against family gatherings as a source of the Corona outbreak, given that the participants in such meetings abandon their caution and violate the rules of social distancing, and are not obligated to wear Gags.

The company “Pfizer” submitted a request to the relevant health authorities in the United States to approve the emergency use of the vaccine Covid-19, The first such request in a major step towards providing protection from novel coronavirus.

The application to the US Food and Drug Administration comes days after the announcement, “Pfizer” and its German partner.BountechThe results of the final experiments, which showed that the vaccine is effective in preventing Covid-19 by 95 percent without any safety concerns.

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