More than one million and 300 thousand deaths in Corona around the world


Tally Corona fatalities 1,303,783 out of 53,380,442 injuries reported.

Almost one in five deaths were recorded in the United States, the country most affected by the virus in the world, with 244,345 deaths and 10,739,614 cases reported.

Brazil is the second most affected country in the world, with 164,737 deaths out of 5,810,652 injuries, followed by India (129,188 deaths and 8,773,479 injuries), and then Mexico (97,624 deaths and 997,393 injuries) and the United Kingdom (51,304 deaths and 1,317,496 injuries).

On Saturday, Russia recorded a record daily increase of 22,702 new cases of corona, which raises the total number in the country to one million and 903,253 cases.

The authorities also announced 391 deaths related to the virus in the past twenty-four hours, bringing the official death toll to 32,834.

In Europe, concerns about The second wave of the pandemic, Amid calls to tighten lockdown measures, despite growing hopes of an imminent vaccine.

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