Mortada Mansour: Topped in 55 sub-committees, with a difference of 3,000 votes from the closest competitors


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Mortada Mansour, a candidate for the House of Representatives elections for the Mit Ghamr district in Dakahlia, said that the counting results were issued in 55 subcommittees, with a difference of nearly 3,000 votes from his closest competitor.

“Mansour” published on his official Facebook page, on Monday, a picture in the order of candidates in terms of the number of votes, showing that he had obtained 9656 votes, followed by Mahmoud Al-Azab, candidate with 6888 votes.

Initial indications were that after counting 21 sub-committees in the district of Mit Ghamr in Dakahlia, Mortada Mansour showed the list of candidates in the number of votes.

The candidate Mahmoud al-Azab won 8,121 votes, Abd al-Fattah al-Bahri received 6,297 votes, Osama Radhi received 3,897 votes, and Murtaza Mansour received 972 votes.

On the other hand, the journalist Ahmed Moussa sent a message to Mortada Mansour, with hints that he would quit the race.

“Musa” wrote on “Facebook”, on Sunday evening: “I wish Chancellor Mortada Mansour the focus to run in the 2025 Parliament elections.”

He added, “The count until the moment reveals that it is completely out of the race. These are elections and fund democracy.” We have to respect it. ”

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