Mouthwash and the elimination of corona … announcing the “sure truth”


The assistant professor sees the department Infectious diseases Graham Snyder, of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, said that what the study came up with is not an “important discovery”, because several liquids can kill viruses such as “hydrogen peroxide”, alcohol and “chlorhexidine”.

The American “CNN” quoted the academic as saying that there is no evidence that these are Liquids The materials reduce the risk of infection with the emerging corona virus or transmitting it to others, which means that it does not achieve any protection.

The researchers explain that the virus multiplies continuously in the upper part of the respiratory system, that is, in the nose, sinuses, throat, bronchi and lung.

The researcher says in Virology At the University of Maryland, Donald Milton, that the virus remains in the nose and in the fluid above the vocal cords, and the airway in the lung, that is, even if the virus is killed in the mouth, the body does not get rid of the infection.

The researcher added, in a statement to “CNN,” that “the vocal cords and the airway percent, constitute the most sources of spread of the virus in the air.”

And Snider stated that this sterilization is not possible because the virus quickly comes into the mouth from the aforementioned channels, whether when we inhale the air, sneeze or cough.

Experts say that oral sterilization can only last a very short time, “it is impossible to become completely free of pathogens,” according to Snyder.

He adds that using this lotion will not stop the virus from multiplying, and therefore, the prevention that was talked about was just excessive optimism.

The virus is transmitted in two ways: The first is for a healthy person to touch surfaces carrying the virus and then touch his eyes, mouth or nose, and the second method is for a person to inhale the respiratory particles of an infected person, and in the second case there is no room for any sterilization, because the possible method of prevention is wearing a muzzle.

Excessive optimism

The study, which heralded the benefits of mouthwashing, was conducted at Cardiff University in Britain, and relied on oral washing fluids in which the percentage of “cetylpyridinium” chloride reached 0.07 percent.

The study stated that this lotion showed “promising results” in reducing the virus charge for the infected person.

The researchers conducted several experiments in the laboratory, by simulating the functions of the nasopharynx and throat, in addition to the use of mouthwash fluids such as “Dental”.

The study says it took information about the lye from the “Venture Life” group that produces “Dental”, but did not get any financial support from the company.

The study was keen to clarify this matter, and to deny obtaining funding from the company, in order to avoid being accused of advertising the product, under health reasons.

In a parallel step, clinical trials will be conducted at the University Hospital of Wales over a period of 12 weeks in order to find out whether this lotion is actually able to reduce the virus load in the patient’s saliva.

It is expected that the results will be finally disclosed in early 2021.

Professor David Thomas, a Cardiff University researcher overseeing the clinical trials, said the study was conducted in the laboratory so far, but it is a positive step, even if more clinical research is needed.

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