Mrs. Intissar El-Sisi: I lived the events of the series Al-Ikhtiar .. And the dreamy nights had a good effect on our lives


Mrs. Intisar Al-Sisi, wife of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, said: “We have many beautiful needs … and we have beautiful drama series … beautiful films … and sweet programs … and we almost watch very many needs on television.”

The wife of President Sisi added, during her interview with the great media, Issad Younes, on the satellite channel.DMC“When we are all together and watch the needs that remain before or after tomorrow, or before dinner, when there is a sweet movie, we can gather and watch us all.”

Mrs. Intisar Al-Sisi continued: “Hours watching for a need to exert positive energy. All the series that have gone back to old days, and dreamy nights have taken a good effect in our lives, and the strange thing is that you meet all Egyptians as families who all watch, and they have the same ritual … a time when the family gathers to watch,” Like what happened in the late Ramadan, in the series of choice, and it was a very bad need and let all people gather at a time and follow up and know that the world was cattle, even though it is possible that the events of this series have lived through all of its developments, but just that one can see it before him has a taste Second”.

Triumph of Sisi (1)

Triumph of Sisi (2)

Triumph of Sisi (3)


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