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Since the first day Dr. Hala Al-Saeed was chosen to become the Minister of Planning and Economic Development, she expected that she would be at the forefront of the planning ministers that Egypt had known since the 1950s .. Dr. Hala Al-Barshoot did not land on the ministry .. rather she came knowing that she had the position well … that is. She came from under arms by virtue of her studies … the positions she held and her previous responsibility for the best ways to put Egypt on the first steps of planning. Meaning “ready and ready minister”, and from the first day she invited a number of senior media figures to present to them her visions for the future of Egypt .. and I was sure that she was able to put Egypt on the first path towards real work. A minister who knows what Egypt wants .. and how it is achieved Have that.

A few days ago, Dr. Hala won the position of the best Arab minister, although the Arab world knew the role of a woman as a minister for half a century .. She is a “minister from father to grandfather.” Her father is Engineer Helmy Al-Saeed, who took over the ministry since the 1960s .. Before that, Nasser chose him responsible for one of the most dangerous Sovereign bodies in Egypt .. then he became Minister of Electricity .. He is a journalist with whom I worked, knowing the meaning of experience and the meaning of science, although he did not like the lenses of the media much .. and he was head of the Economic Office at the Presidency of the Republic in March 1968, and Nasser was Prime Minister, After the statement of March 30, 1968, that is, the supervisor of the site who was preparing the economic file for the president .. We do not forget that when Nasser created the “supreme” central agencies, he chose him as the head of the most dangerous central body, to monitor what is happening in the economic, organizational and supervisory fields.

In other words, Dr. Hala Al-Saeed lives an economic atmosphere “at home and in the middle” until she assumed the responsibility and deanship of one of the most important Egyptian colleges “economic .. and political”, then she is a master of economic planning and thought since her inception in this house .. Then she is also the daughter of Helmy Al-Saeed who He took over the Ministry of Electricity in 1970, and for all that, choosing a minister for planning Egypt from President El-Sisi was one of the president’s best decisions .. because one who lived this whole growth knows exactly what Egypt needs .. I mean growing up in an economic house that knows perhaps what others do not know .. Not that Only, perhaps no one knows that she is a minister from father to grandfather .. Her grandfather Morsi Bey Farhat was Minister of Supply in the government of Nahhas Pasha in January 1950.

** All this came back to my memory as I followed the news of her selection as the best Arab minister, within the government excellence awards organized by the UAE with the Arab League … and I also remembered the British woman Margaret Thatcher .. So could Dr. Hala Al-Saeed become Mrs. Thatcher in Egypt .. If only after a while ?! .. I expect that.

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