Muhammad Ramadan shares with his fans the image of the Palestinian flag after his recent crisis


In the early hours of Monday morning, artist Muhammad Ramadan shared and followed his fans and followers through his official account on the social networking site “Instagram”, where he published the image of the Palestinian flag and made it a basic picture for the cover of his Facebook page, after a picture of him accompanied by an Israeli singer spread on Social Media.

Muhammad Ramadan via Facebook
Muhammad Ramadan via Facebook

This comes after the star renewed Mohamed RamadanHis assertion that he does not ask any questions to fans who wish to photograph with him except in the event that the fan discloses his nationality or religion, and Muhammad Ramadan published a new video on his official account on the “Twitter” site in which he appears with a Palestinian fan and salutes the Palestinian people, pointing out that he ignored Some for this video assert that the intention is not the Palestinian issue, but only to distort its image.

Palestine flag
Palestine flag

Muhammad Ramadan tweeted, saying: “I don’t ask about a country that is imagining, unless it is alone,” he said. “This is a video at the same time and the same place with a Palestinian youth !!” In a greeting to the brotherly Palestinian people, some ignored this video confirming that the intention is not the Palestinian cause, but their real cause is the attempt 1000 to stop my success and popularity. “

And the star Muhammad Ramadan had revealed a new video while he was signing for a number of his fans, and Ramadan commented on the video with “There is no room for me to ask everyone about his identity, color and nationality. The Almighty said (You have your religion and I have a religion).”

And in the last hours, a picture of the star Mohamed Ramadan accompanied by an Israeli singer spread, and these photos caused controversy on the social media, where the photo was published by Emirati journalist Hamad Al Mazroui via Twitter.


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