Muhammad Ramadan’s sister is “blamed” for him after the crisis of normalization


Muhammad Ramadan’s sister commented on the crisis he had inflicted himself with after publishing his controversial pictures with an artist from the Israeli occupation state, so he posted a picture of him through the photo-sharing application (Instagram), and wrote: “Trust in God as is your habit, trust in his victory, with the blessing of your parents’ prayers and then your audience. On your back and knows your intention well, then on the good that you do everywhere. ”

Ramadan added: “Trust also your sweet attitudes toward your country over the years, starting from your entry into the army of our great homeland, in order to be a good example for your generation to your sincerity and your pursuit of any national work, including songs and others, with love and enthusiasm, as well as your success in every place that honors us.”

And Ramadan went on, “The real love of people is a blessing from God, so trust in his victory, that Nasrallah is near. Your diligence, persistence and distinction deserves my full respect, your older sister who learns from you, with your love.”


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