Murtaza Mansour, Abu Hamed, Bakhit, Al-Shahawi and Al-Sharif … Famous people outside of B.


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Monday 09 November 2020


The numerical count of the votes in the second phase of the parliamentary elections showed that a large number of the current members of the House of Representatives were lost, while a few won in the first round, and some others are in the run-off.

The most prominent names that lost in the electoral battle, according to the numerical count of the votes of the electorate, are: MP Mortada Mansour (received 21,271 votes, ranking sixth, which means that he did not compete in the run-off among four candidates who will contest it), and the speaker of Parliament Dr. Salah Hassaballah, and the deputy Muhammad Abu Hamed, Tamer al-Shahawi, Medhat al-Sharif, and Sahar Atman.

Also, according to the numerical count of votes, each of the deputies: Ahmed Al-Khashab, Mr. Hijazi, Abdel-Hamid Al-Sheikh, Hamdi Bakhit, Abdel-Hamid Kamal, Ihab Al-Sallab, Muhammad Osama Abu Al-Majd, Representative Dina Abdel Aziz, Eid Heikal, and Muhammad Abu Al-Majd Nassar.

While the counting of the votes showed that a number of the representatives of the “25-30” bloc went into the run-off; They are the representatives: Ahmad al-Tantawi, Diaa Dawood, Ahmad al-Sharqawi and Muhammad Abdul-Ghani.

Representative Ahmed Ali managed to achieve victory in the first round, as did MP Muhammad Al-Masoud, Omar Watani, and Muhammad Abdul Rahman Radi.

With regard to the national list, the numerical count of votes indicated the success of the deputies, Suleiman Wahdan, the deputy of the House of Representatives, Dr. Osama al-Abd, Abdullah Lashin, Tariq al-Khouli, and Khaled Abdel Mawla.

It is worth noting that these preliminary results come according to the numerical count of the votes of the electorate, while the approved final results are the responsibility of the National Elections Authority exclusively.

Article 106 of the constitution stipulates that: “The term of Parliament’s membership is five calendar years, starting from the date of its first meeting, and the election of a new parliament will take place within the sixty days preceding the end of its term.

Dr. Ali Abdel-Al, Speaker of Parliament, announced that Parliament will continue for a period of 5 calendar years, ending on January 9, 2021. Especially after Abdel-Al opened, on October 1, the work of the plenary session of Parliament for the sixth and last ordinary session of the first legislative term.

Dr. Salah Fawzi, a professor of constitutional law, had assured “Masrawy” that the current parliamentarians would continue their parliamentary membership until the end of the term of the current parliament, and therefore they had all the powers that were granted to them by the Egyptian constitution.

The professor of constitutional law stressed that members have all legislative and oversight powers during the period during which parliamentary elections are held. Even if they are candidates for this election.

The House of Representatives elections were followed by 56 local organizations and 14 international organizations, while the international media received the attention of 153 international institutions and 51 local media outlets.

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