Murtaza Mansour: “I don’t know he worked with a gun over my brain.”


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Counselor Mortada Mansour, Chairman of the Zamalek Club, expressed his dissatisfaction with some attempts to work against the club, as he described it.

The club president said on the sidelines of his meeting with the owners of groups and Zamalek pages: “How do I work in this difficult climate, the stars of the team want to leave, an atmosphere that is not suitable for work at all.”

Mansour assured that I cannot work under these difficult circumstances, saying, “I do not know how to work with a gun pointed above my brain.”

He continued, “The Supreme Administrative Court, the highest court in Egypt, approved the regulation of Zamalek Club, and they are now canceling the list, so that the club is without a list and without a president.”

He added: “The General Assembly of Zamalek Club elected Mortada Mansour, but some do not want a strong president for the club and they want those who ruined the club.”

The club president concluded by stressing that there are violations of the Al-Ahly club’s board of directors, but the media does not talk about them and in Zamalek there is not a single violation, and the employee who makes a mistake is transferred to the prosecution immediately, and I challenge everyone to show one violation.

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