Musimani disputes “Jose” mentality, and Brazil is the best proof


South African coach Pitso Musimini, technical director of Al-Ahly club’s first football team, was keen to attend the Olympic team match against Brazil, which brought them together yesterday, Tuesday, at Cairo International Stadium at the end of the international friendly tournament that was held in Cairo from 12 to 17 November for the current Olympic teams, which includes Egypt, South Korea and Brazil, as part of the preparatory program for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, and the match ended with the Olympic team winning 2/1.

Musimani was keen to attend the Olympic team match, but he did not attend the first team match against Togo, which was held last Saturday at Cairo Stadium in the framework of the third round of the African Nations Qualifiers 2020, and by looking into Musimane’s mind, we find that the technical director of Al-Ahly gives great attention to the youth more than the owners Experience, in addition to not being keen on attending the first-team match from the stadium, as happened with the Olympic team, the technical director explained this indirectly when he initially refused to contract with Mohamed Ibrahim, the game maker of the Egyptian clearing due to his old age, then he repeated the matter when he refused to contract with Mohamed Farouk Jinnah Pyramids, while turning in the “notebooks” of young loanees, and focusing on them before searching for new deals from adults.

Earlier, Musimani assigned the coach of Al-Ahly his auxiliary apparatus to prepare some technical reports for the players returning from loan and who are with the Olympic team to compete with the two countries of Korea and Brazil, namely Salah Mohsen and Nasser Maher, after settling on their return next season..

The auxiliary apparatus of “Musimani” also monitors each of Ahmed Yasser Rayan, the candidate for the return, who has not yet decided his position after the end of his loan to El Gouna, as well as Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, the candidate to return to the ranks of Al-Ahly coming from the ranks of the Tigris Valley, in contrast to the search for “youth” About new elements through which he can strengthen the ranks of Al-Ahly.

Musimini thought contrary to the mentality of the Portuguese magician Manuel Jose, the historical artistic director of Al-Ahly, who preferred to rely on the elements of experience more than the youth. And take the shortest path to achieving titles.


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