Myrna Jamil Qamar in black pajamas … publishes a heart-stopping picture of her


The artist Mirna Jamil shared with all her followers a new picture of her, and this is through her personal account dedicated to social networking and the exchange of pictures and videos famous “Instagram” and she got the admiration of many people who follow her.

The picture of Mirna Jamil in black pajamas attracts the attention of Instagram followers

It is also worth noting that Mirna Jamil appeared sitting on the floor wearing black pajamas, and behind her was an oval-shaped mirror and there were many books beside her, and she left her yellow hair down on her shoulders with a light makeup that showed her natural beauty.

The picture got a lot of comments from all followers, including “Qamar, I love you so much, beautiful”, and it was also one of the most important comments on the picture that came to the artist Khaled Mansour and wrote to her while joking, “Hey, Professor Nawal Al-Zoghbi Afandam?” The figure and she is in the picture with the singer Nawal Al Zoghbi.

It is also mentioned that she was an Egyptian actress and broadcaster, born in Jordan on June 25, 1992, and participated in many films and series, and her beauty had a very big role in her entry into the world of acting, and she presented many and distinguished works.

Her start was on the stage with Khaled Jalal during the performance of the play After the Night, and after that she moved to Tvision, which is the private company of its owner, producer Tariq Al-Janayni, to work in the program Stand Up Live in Arabic, which received great viewing rates because it is one of the distinguished programs.


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