Nadia Lotfi in her diary about the Nightingale’s marriage to Cinderella: he failed because he is a farmer (video)


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The Saudi Al-Sharq news channel presented the sixth episode of Nadia Lotfi’s memoirs, which she published on a series of episodes, after she first recorded it about 18 years ago, and did not come to light throughout these years, as she talks about her artistic, political and human history.

Nadia Lotfi narrated her testimony regarding the marriage of Abdel Halim Hafez and Souad Hosni, confirming that there is a love story that arose between them and it is not just a whim or a fleeting relationship, as he found in it the tenderness of the mother who was deprived of it, and she found the tenderness of the father who was deprived of it, as she said.

And she continued: “Halim wanted an official and public marriage with Souad, but there were obstacles that prevented the realization of this desire, on top of which is Halim’s temperament. His family is far from his working life, so he divided his apartment into a forbidden part that is not allowed to be approached.

She added: “This peasant who lives under the skin of the Nightingale was difficult to associate with an artist who has obligations and admirers and her time does not belong to her and has an ambition for stardom and glory just like him. Suad’s working conditions, and she will not give up and sacrifice all that she has achieved and leave her art and life.

“Lutfi” continued: “I cannot be certain of my opinion on the matter of their common-law marriage, for it is not conclusive evidence, and for me the marriage is not a signature on paper but on the heart, an offer and acceptance by the spirit and not by ink.”

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